Tastes Like Chicken

Chicken Eglu

If you happen to follow anything to do with animal keeping fads, then it will come as no surprise that I am going to touch on the topic of urban chicken raising. I’m not sure if it’s the imminent fall of the United States, the “green” movement, or simply a silly fad that has people turning back to “living off the land”, but many people across the country have picked up raising chickens. Whether it’s a small flock in suburbia, or a couple of birds in the garden behind the apartment building, it’s definitely a fad that’s sticking around for a while.

Diaper on a Chicken

With the popularity of backyards chickens raising as pets, along comes the advent of the chicken diaper. Yes, this chicken diaper! Which can be put on ol’ Betty so she doesn’t crap all over your comforter when she’s curled at the food of your bed every night.

I can’t be pointing fingers though. I myself have jumped on the chicken bandwagon. Who can resist those little fluff balls every Spring at the farm and feed store?


Raising my mini flock has been an adventure for sure. I did get a rooster in the bunch (Edna was actually an Eddie) who quickly found another home after he work me up consistently at 5am for about a week.

I have had to deal with the wild turkey tom’s lusting over my ladies, the RI Red hen eating all my wild bird food, and witnessing the horror of them ripping apart a live toad. Other than that, I get free eats every morning if I remember to collect the eggs.

Here’s a tribute to one of the greatest chickens to ever live (sort of…)


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