Top 8 Newly Discovered Creatures

Every year we find somewhere in the corners of the earth creatures that have never been discovered. So here are my most recent favorites.

1) Darwin’s Bark Spider – Madagascar 2009

This badass spider produces the largest and longest-spanning orb web known to science, that also happens to be 10 times stronger than Kevlar. How did we not know this thing existed until last year? Apparently they also self castrate. Weird.

2) Monitor Lizard – Philippines 2010

This giant fruit eating lizard was also recently discovered. Pretty amazing considering this guy is taller than Michael Jordan, at 6’6″ (but pretty pathetic weighing in at only 22lbs). This massive lizard probably went unnoticed because they spend most of their time in trees.

3) Walter’s duiker – West Africa 2010

Sadly this little guy was first discovered on the bush-meat market. While other duikers have been extensively studied in their natural habitat, it’s sad to believe this little guy slipped right under scientists’ noses only to be found through exploitation!

4) Pancake Batfish – Gulf of Mexico 2010

This weirdo was found right before the lovely BP oil spill of 2010, and is believed to only exist right in the area of the spill, which leads many to wonder if if is even around anymore. This fish is flat, has bulging eyes and awkwardly gets around by hopping on his fins.

5) 12 Night Frogs – India 2011

Apparently scientists in India never really have looked all that closely at frogs until very recently when they discovered 12 new species of night frogs, ranging from the meowing night frog that sounds like a cat, the jog night frog, and the Wayanad night frog, which is  the size of a baseball.

6) Tiny Pit Viper – China 20

Believed to be one of the tiniest pit vipers to date, this little guy was found in Maolan National Nature Reserve in Guizhou, China. Their maximum length is about 2.6 feet.

7) Tube Nosed Fruit Bat – Paupa New Guinea 2010

AKA the Yoda Bat for obvious reasons, was one of almost 200 new critters found on an expedition in 2009. This guy apparently had already been discovered prior to the expedition, but no one bothered to record him until now.

8 ) Sneezing Snub Nosed Monkey – Paupa New Guinea 2010

Of all the newly discovered animals the last few years, this poor sucker has got to be the weirdest. First of all, his nose is so “snubbed” he virtually has none – which is what makes him sneeze every time it rains. Unfortunately the only scientific evidence of this critter is seen in the image to the right – which was killed by poachers and shortly thereafter eaten. The other strange thing about this guy is he bears a striking resemblance to Michael Jackson, the later years.

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